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Course Reserves and MFC Reading List: Home

The Wiggin Library maintains course reserves for all Meadville Lombard courses to give students exclusive access to course readings. As an added service for patrons preparing for the UUA Ministerial Fellowship Committee (MFC), the Wiggin Library holds at least one copy of every book on the MFC Reading List.

Course Reserves

Each term, Meadville Lombard library staff put at least one copy of every required and recommended textbook on reserve. Books are put on reserve so that students are able to access the books they need for their classes without purchasing them. Course reserves are shelved behind the circulation desk and are only available to students registered for that class. In some cases, we have extra copies of books that are assigned for courses and those copies are available in the general circulating collection. 

Course reserve books circulate for 3 weeks* during the regular semester and 1 week during Intensives. Only students enrolled in a course may borrow from its reserves. Students may borrow up to 3 course reserve books at one time. Ebooks do not count towards that maximum. 

MFC Reading List

We have at least one copy of every published book/article on the Ministerial Fellowship Committee (MFC) reading list (available through the UUA website). These materials are available to every patron with circulation privileges. If an MFC reading list book is on course reserve, it is only accessible to students registered for that class and it circulates according to the course reserve policy. MFC books can be browsed based on the seven MFC ministerial competencies. 

Books from the MFC collection circulate for 3 weeks* during the regular semester and 1 week during Intensives. Patrons may borrow up to 3 MFC books at one time. 

COVID-19 Exception

*Due to necessary precautions being taken by library staff to prevent the spread of COVID-19, there will be delays in the library's mail to home service. To compensate for these delays, the circulation period of course reserves and MFC reserves will be extended to 4 weeks for the time being. Look to this page for updates on course reserve policy.